What is the
    Solutions Tank?

    The term is similar to focus and meaning to that of a think tank, however, we are focused on promoting individual thought, community action and sustainable solutions.  We focus on the research, analysis and engagement that drives solutions.

    The Innnosolver’s Blueprint is the social impact arm of the Brilliant Culture Lifestyle Brand.  We believe that average person has the answer to most issues through their experiences, ideas and desire for change.   Most commonly, these same people lack the resources or capacity to translate those very same ideas into a solutions-based blueprint. 

    The Innosolver’s Blueprint

    Is here to close that gap. Our mission is to open minds, shape decisions and craft solutions through crowd social engagement.   Through our research, advocacy, publications and engagement we seek to inform and empower individuals to address common social issues with practical, yet effective solutions.

    We are dedicated

    To expanding human potential and building capacity by partnering with organizations, community advocates, social service providers, thought leaders, business leaders, federal, state and local leaders to:

    Areas Of Focus

    Inspired by the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, we focus on challenges that affect day-to-day lives


    The Innosolver’s Blueprint will spearhead critical initiatives, campaigns and partnerships throughout the year. Stay tuned for more information on how you can contribute.


    The Innosolver’s Blueprint will host various events, ranging from lectures, community service opportunities, pop ups and social media campaigns. Stay tuned learn how you can participate.